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Seema Chari

Chief Creative Officer

Seema Chari collects academic degrees the way some people collect postage stamps or toy soldiers. She speaks three European and four Indian languages and puts most of them to good use at home, work, on stage or behind a microphone.

She has 17 years of experience as a teacher and 10 as a teacher trainer and resource person for workshops. She frequently uses theatre, contact exercises and language games as ice breakers and to help people lose inhibitions, engage with one another and collaborate.

She works like a beaver to demystify the rarefied universe of quizzing and general knowledge, and her constant refrain during Xpress Minds meetings is, “How can we get more people to participate?”.

Seema is good at making puzzles and games, ideating on show formats and holding her own on stage. She is co-author of the Knowledge Whizz GK Book Series and is working on books on diverse subjects such as Sweden, Italy, Indian Heritage, Delhi and fiction. She tries to run away from Delhi every few weeks for inspiration, and has lately been smitten by the great outdoors.

Manikandan Saravanan

Chief Technology Officer

Manikandan Saravanan believes that any problem can be solved with code. He started writing code when he was 11 and has never looked back since. Over the years he has effectively used the power of technology and believes that watching problems being solved with the simplest of solutions is a truly rewarding experience.

He was part of a team that won the ThinkQuest 2012 competition, beating 56000 teams from around the world. He has been involved with Xpress Minds since its inception, and he has been part of every initiative in which technology is employed for public good.

Today, he takes care of the digital assets of Xpress Minds such as justquizz.com, and he helps design, engineer and implement our technology services and most importantly, keeps the coffee flowing at work.

Coding hasn’t yet helped him to remember his mom’s birthday, but he’s working on it.

Raktim Nag


Raktim is a 20-something millennial who hails from the idyllic town of Chuchura-Hooghly in West Bengal. An alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and Jadavpur University, his predominant fame comes from the numerous national level quizzes he has won. His content never fails to amaze people, and the thunderous applause his questions attract inspires him to spend even more time nosing for trivia. He does lose track of time, and needs to be hauled in every now and then. His e-reader and laptop are utterly sacrosanct to him and he has been known to bite would-be borrowers. At most other times, he is famed for his kindness, humour and humility, laced with mild sarcasm.

Travelling is a passion, and quizzing is a way of life for him. He occasionally indulges in photography and you will always find him knee deep in some phone or computer searching for interesting facts. ‘Seeing the world before I die’, is a wish he takes a bit more seriously than he should.

Rohan Desai

Director of Biz Dev

Rohan Desai is a Petroleum Engineer, “Upstream” in case you are interested, but that has not deterred him from branching out in life. He has been quizzing since his school days and, although he steadfastly refuses nowadays to conduct quizzes, he has dabbled in them since forever.

He designed and conducted the largest ever school quiz in Gujarat- ‘The Sandesh Student of The Year 2013’ which attracted 8000 school kids. He has conducted quizzes in an astounding 30+ cities, and loves to create and execute new online and offline events and formats. He has been involved in large multi-city events for a large and diverse portfolio of clients.

He is mostly silent and brooding in office meetings, and his pauses are more frequent than his words, but his inputs are always pertinent, his perspective always fresh and his intentions always upright. His written communication skills are excellent, and we always palm off composing client emails to Rohan, in the smug knowledge that he hasn’t learned to say no.

Kunal Savarkar

Quizmaster & mentor

Kunal Savarkar is a quizmaster, TV show host, cricket statistician, trivia fanatic and control freak, not necessarily in that order. He is that rara avis who eschewed a successful architectural career for one as a quizmaster, perplexing all but his growing fan followers, many of whom travel hundreds of kilometres now to participate in a show of which he is host.
Kunal has been associated with TV shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, Tax Your Brain, Croma Tech Grandmasters and Business Baazigar, as well as hundreds of live quizzes for a variety of institutions and target audiences.

He has redefined the profile of the quizzer and quizmaster, making them cool, flamboyant and popular, without taking away from the celebral quotient, all of which results in a thoroughly entertaining, yet intellectually enriching experience.
He has done more than a 1000 quizzes over 15 years, which is no mean feat considering he practised as a full time architect all through and takes hands-on parenting extremely to heart.