Xpress Minds

The education space is crowded with me-too solutions: books, boards and institutions that are often mediocre and churn out clones armed with lots of information but no real knowledge or skills.

Traditional forms of quizzing appeal to but a few, who are often derided as geeks or nerds. Xpress Minds aims to make knowledge interesting, desirable and accessible. Working on the principle that everybody knows something and that answering a question, solving a puzzle or working out a solution provides for all round gratification, we have conceptualised and conducted different kinds of contests, drawing from every available medium and presenting or testing knowledge in attractive packaging such as online games, apps, multimedia inputs, quiz-and-activity books, time-bound written Q&As, live interactive events, TV game-shows, knowledge workshops and roadshows.

In many cases, a live event or workshop becomes a crucible for other related activities such as debating, on-the-spot art, poster-making, essay/caption-writing, etc., and has immense drawing potential.