Fumble in the Jungle

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After much coaxing, I have finally agreed to write a blog post, and thus resume our website blogging. So, the idea is to write on events we conduct and attend, and the corresponding activities we indulge in. I hope this will be the first of many.

So, recently I attended a much publicised open general quiz called ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, organised by IIM Kashipur. No, it did not take place in Jim Corbett National Park. The quiz was conducted by JK, a well-known quizzIMG_4753er and quizmaster from Hyderabad. Major Chandrakant Nair, another well-known quizzer and quizmaster, was a contributor. Except for the two buzzer rounds, I found the quiz pretty balanced and well-researched. But then, I am complaining probably because I faltered at the buzzers (as always). I did not buzz, for the millionth time probably, on a last question- nothing to lose scenario, right? The last question, cost us our second place. It basically asked the code word for ‘I’ in the NATO phonetic alphabet. And, here comes a very useful advice for all budding quizzers, if you think you are slow on the buzzers, you have to learn the art of pre-empting a QM or rather a question. But, if it was up to me I would have put a ban on all buzzer rounds. Anyhow, my teammate Apratim Mukhopadhyay and I, emerged the second runners-up quite comfortably.

IMG_20151220_101648421_HDRAs I said, the jungle in the quiz name did not refer to India’s first national park. So, I gathered a few friends, who agreed to accompany me for a weekend trip to Jim Corbett National Park. We stayed in the fantastic Treetop Riverview Sterling Resort. There I stumbled upon a much-missed TV show, CID. The highlight of that particular episode has to be Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo. Most things in the show have not changed; for instance the-once-bald Dr. Salunke still grows a strand of hair every time someone commits a crime in India. And the women in the squad keeps changing every time I watch the show. I suppose they get married, or give up their non-existing careers at CID for other much better jobs. Sorry for rambling, but the smaller and inconsequential things in life intrigue me the most. No wonder I am such a huge fan of Seinfeld.

Overall, I had a good time. Earned some money (most of which was spent on that trip), saw a few wild animals, cracked a few Ek Tha Tiger jokes (in absence of a real tiger), and came back to Delhi with a lot of confidence, the one where I thought I can take the Delhi ‘heat’ coming from a much colder Nainital. Except, I was utterly wrong. As I type, I am buried in three layers of wool, as I finish writing this.

Till next time, happy winter and a very merry Christmas!

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Raktim Nag, a film studies graduate from Jadavpur University and an avid quizzer heads the content team at Xpress Minds and loves to travel, win quizzes and take photos!

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