Xpress Minds

Who doesn’t like to play a game? Games have always been the best way to take a point across to people – be it in education, life or business. People engage more with games than with any other media; we couldn’t think of any movie or poster requiring the full attention of the audience during the interaction period!

From the best storyline to top of the line graphics, we help you and your organisation realise real business goals – the Xpress way! By designing highly crafted, context-based games for a variety of platforms, we not only drive engagement among your audience but also position your brand as a gen-next powerhouse!

Anything that we humans do, can be turned into a game! All it needs is a seed idea and a bunch of mavericks to churn it out. Be it taking your brand to your audience or adding fun to education, we at Xpress Minds take pleasure in providing end-to-end solutions that scale: from design to game delivery and marketing!