The Quizzing Route Through Heritage and History

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The following article was published by The New Indian Express on 25 August 2014:

Commemorating the Madras Week, INTACH held a heritage quiz at the Anna University on Saturday.

“Respecting heritage is a very important if we speak of development,” said S Sujata, co-convenor of INTACH, Chennai chapter.

More than 500 students participated in the quiz. The entire TAG auditorium was buzzing with activity, leaving the rest with no place to even move.

“I didn’t expect such a crowd here. No other city, but Madras has so many well-written documents about its heritage on the net,” said the quiz master Kunal Savarkar.

Eighteen people were selected for the finals and IIT Madras team was declared winners.

“Even though we didn’t make it to the finals, I came to know a lot more about my city,” said S Maitreyi from Vel Tech. “Madras is the only city in the country that has conserved and protected its heritage buildings. Kolkata and other cities have ignored the same,” said Sneha Chari, who had come all the way to Chennai only to support her quiz master husband.

INTACH has organised a movie screening on August 29 at Amir Mahal.

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